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Leadership coach, facilitator and author David Willcock

Welcome to the Liberating Potential website. I founded Liberating Potential in 1996 following a fifteen year career working in HR and Organisational Development in the public and finance sectors. Over 20 years later I've had the pleasure to have helped many leaders and their teams across a range of commercial, public and charity/not for profit organisations including Prudential, Novell Corporation Europe, the John Lewis Partnership, the UK Forestry Commission, Smiths Detection, the RSPB and the UK Civil Service.


I help leaders and their organisations collaborate for results. Whether at individual, team or organisation levels, ‘silo busting’ has been a major theme in my work. I do this primarily through leadership coaching, team/group facilitation and running Action Learning programmes.


Risk in working relationships is not always given the attention it deserves alongside other aspects of the business or organisation. Without constant energy and effort in this area relationships can drift and serious consequences emerge – such as a lack of engagement, inflexibility in the face of change and significant financial costs due to programme failures.


With a background and training in organisation development and psychology, I work in depth with leaders and their teams to navigate the complexity of working relationships and achieve results.  I'm a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (Chartered FCIPD) and an Accredited Master Executive Coach with the Association for Coaching.


Where relationships already create significant business risks, I can help recover the situation. Of course, it’s better that we develop talented leaders who are skilled in relationship management and avoid these risks. I use advanced coaching and facilitation methods to develop emotional intelligence in leaders and foster collaborative working.


Feedback I’ve had reflects my values. I work to understand the organisation, culture and needs in depth and adapt my approach. I am dedicated to the people I work with, going the extra mile. I am highly skilled and strive to be the best in what I do. I am collaborative, proactive and professional.

I also value working with and coaching internal practitioners in client organisations to transfer skills and support sustainable change.


I have had a fascinating and enjoyable journey taking me to every country and region of the UK as well as the USA, Europe and South Africa. My years of experience combined with contemporary research are captured in my book Collaborating for Results:Silo Working and Relationships that Work (Routledge, 2013).


If you like what you have seen on this website, please contact me to arrange a conversation about your needs.


Collaborating for Results: Silo Working and Relationships that Work by David Ian Willcock, Director of Liberating Potential Ltd., is available from Routledge publishing. Please click the image to read a sample chapter on-line.


'This is a practical guide to harnessing the power of relationships between people and teams in organisations to achieve strategic vision and to be future-capable in a fast-changing world.'

Dr. Mike Clarke, CEO, RSPB

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